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**UOSunrise Ultima Online**

Welcome to the UOSunrise Ultima Online wiki. Please use the sidebar to the left to browse a variety of topics related to this Ultima Online Freeshard.

This shard is an unlimited skill shard. You have a variety of ways to start gameplay. You might train up a character from scratch, or use the provided skill ball if you're an experienced player, or if you're the michevious type, there is a gate in the starting area to start your life of crime, however it has its benefits and its disadvantages.

This shard is multiplayer but the scripts are written in a way to make single-player play highly entertaining. The design is like playing the old Ultima stand alone games. Unlike other servers, this shard has tons of hidden items, doors, traps, areas, and more. There's way more content than a typical custom shard with typical scripts. The shard is a constant work in progress and is in development every single day.

You don't have to worry about the shard going down unless our host does. We've already prepaid 3 years of hosting, so please create a character and come enjoy Ultima with us!

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